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We believe that our pupils should receive an education that develops their minds and nurture their hearts to be academically excellent, spiritually exuberant, morally upright, and socially productive through curricular programs that emphasize the Catholic religion as the core, in order to give them opportunities to develop sound critical thinking and decision-making skills to be able to make enlightened life-choices.

Likewise, we believe that the pupils are the centre of our educational process, with the teachers as caring companions in the journey of faith and competent facilitators of knowledge, wisdom, skills, and values, in a safe and secure educational environment that actively promotes learning and provides adequate support services that ennoble and enable them to make creative responses to life-realities.



We envision RCS as an innovative Christ-centered educational institution committed to accompanying and forming stakeholders into becoming good citizens and disciples.



Impelled by zeal to make Jesus Christ the center of our educational institution, we thus commit ourselves to:

  1. Proclaim Jesus Christ to all.
  2. Sustain value – innovative and trailblazing programs and projects in the fields of instruction, research and communityextension services.
  3. Inculcate Gospel values for the integral development of the stakeholders.
  4. Collaborate with strategic partners in the aspects of K to 12 curriculum, other social  services and emergency preparedness.
  5. Exercise genuine stewardship in good governance for the sustainability, growth and  development of the school.


In the fulfillment of its mission, San Isidro Labrador Catholic School of Quezon City commits:

  1. To make the school a Christian family and a training ground for community building in a spirit of friendship, love and unity;
  2. To develop in the students the basic skills needed to meet the demands of the present times;
  3. To foster responsive critikal thinking;
  4. To provide an environment that is conducive to academic learning.
  5. To pursue an education that leads to a well-balanced and total development of the young resulting in the understanding and practice of religious truths and values.
  6. To provide the students with opportunity to grow and develop into responsible and productive Christian Filipinos, aware of their vital role in the development of Philippine society; and 
  7. To equip the students with the necessary knowledge and skill useful for basic, general and higher education.

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