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Circular Seal represents the continuing commitment of SILCS in evangelizing and educating the young minds of the children.

Family, Hand-in-hand with each other   represents the families as our partners in the education of the young children.

Church Building –  symbolizes the Christian community, its vibrance in communion and exuberance in mission of spreading the Good news.

Book and pen –  represents the seed of learning that will ensure the total growth and development of the child.




You have called us all to be part

Of your family

Oh San Isidro you are a help to our


Young and old, big and small

Your words and deeds are a part of us all.


San Isidro patron of farmers

Cultivate our mind

To be patient hard workers

Our model of kindness and wisdom

Oh San Isidro please guide us

To gods heavenly kingdom.

Repeat chorus

Silcians each of us should be

An inspiration to everyone

When they see our actions

When they hear our words

Silcians (2x) we are

Our patron’s sons and daughters

Silcians (2x) we are

Our patron’s lovely children.

Repeat chorus 2x

Your words and deeds are

A part of us all.








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